Blinking 631


New member
Switched everything over to a new case (CM-Stacker).
My 634 is working fine but my 631 is just a blinking on
and off.
Tried the new go.
Suggestions ????


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CF Tech

Please look at the USB connector on the CFA-631. It is fairly fragile and may have been damaged in the move.


New member
The USB connecter on the 631 looks ok.
I'm going to try it on another port just for the hang of it.
I'll get back to you in the morning.


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New member
Blinking 631 ain't Blinking no more

RMA'd the 631. The Crystalfontz tech people could find nothing wrong with the unit. They sent it back to me at no charge to me. Put it into the new CMSTACKER case and it worked......????.

Think I figured it out. Have a ANTEC 550 True Control Power supply. The default 12volt rail was at 11.5.....I had the true control in the old case with the 12 and 3 volt rails above the default. Anyway...when I moved to the CMSTACKER case I didn't put the control unit in. Have it in now and all is working fine.

That’s my story and I'm sticking to it.

Thanks again Crystalfontz for your support. You went above and beyond.