Bitmap to C/C++ header software


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Here is some software that I developped for a C/C++ project. The product file is a *.h (header) file that can be directly included into your C/C++ project. Currently the software is designed only for a 128X64 LCD display. This may change later.

The program accepts any(1bit,4bit,8bit and 24bit) bitmap file.

The instuctions are imbedded in the executable. Just click on the "instructions" button in the lower right hand button of the GUI.

There are two parts of this program:
1) A C# executable. If you have not used a C# program before, then you will need to download a copy of "dotnetfx.exe" from the web. Try the Microsoft web site. This a very large(22.5Mbyte) file.
2) A C/C++ executable. This is suborbinate to the C# executable. DO NOT change the name of this C/C++ executable. THe C# executable looks for this name.

You must place both of these in the same directory prior to executing the C# GUI!

If these do not work then let me know!

john( A T ) (The name is concealed from spammers)
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