Bitmap problems with T6963 LCD


New member
I'm generating 160x128 bitmaps with MSpaint, converting them with some freeware to display them on my T6963 based LCD.

They work fine as long as I have the LCD jumpered for 8x8 font width.

If I jumper the LCD for a 6x8 font width, the image gets corrupted and compressed against the left side of the screen.

I want a 6x8 font width.

How can I display the bitmaps properly with this 6x8 configuration?

Please advise.
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I am not familiar with this particular chip/display, but I will take a guess. I haven't looked at the data sheet, so I may be way off base.

You may have to reformat your bitmap image so that each 6 bits across (horizontally) is in a different byte. The upper two bits of those bytes would be unused. That's gonna take a lot of bit shifting to take a 160 bit line and put it in 27 bytes.

Another alternative is to keep 8x8 mode, and put up your own 6x8 font characters as bitmapped graphics.