Bitmap on CFAG64128


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Hello there,

I finally succeed in doing my LCD work; however, since I got a character driver (ASCII), I have no idea how to display a .bmp picture. Could you tell me how I can do it, or give me a link to a tutorial?

I also have a little problem, the two controllers don't display on the same line, I mean they are misaligned. Do you know this problem, and how to fix it?

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CF Support2

Which module are you working with? We support a number of 128 x 64 graphics modules along with several different LCD controllers. The key difference is the controller on how data is transferred.

CF Support

Depending on your target platform, you can use code from here for the write, and also included there is a little application called bmp2asm, which you can use to convert your 128x64, 1 bit per pixel bitmap into a format usable with the example code.