Big digits on 635


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Hi !

As the firmware for 635 doesn't include big digits mode, I'll do it by software.
I'll probably use the custom caracters to achieve this (any other alternative ?). Do you have some nice settings/fonts for those caracters, allowing a nice integration for them on the display, no matter what is displayed ?
I'm not very good at graphics....
2 size fonts would be great, don't you think ?
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CF Tech

Somewhere I have the character definitions that were used on the CFA-634, but only as BMPs, not as any sort of useable code.

If that would help, PM me your e-mail and I'll dig them up.


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It has to be done using custom characters. However, some of the symbols/characters are already there, check the character set. For example, the vertical bar is in the character set.

If you want an to see how lcd smartie does bignums, you can download the bignum plugin source file.

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