Best USB LCD / software for CD Drive activity?


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Recently purchaced an exceedingly fast comp for home. After a day of using it, I noticed in otder to fit the "style", the metal CD drive bezels covered the activity lights.

Not wanting to mar the smooth appearance by removing these bezels, I am looking to an LCD as an alternate solution.

The system's side panel is mostly glass to begin with, and it struck me that there is enough room to place a nicely visible LCD behind the glass to display Temps as well as activity.

After downloading the software to see what options may be available to display, I have had difficulty determining how I might be able to display simple "drive activity" for my CD-ROMs as well as the system RAID and storage drive.

My hopes are to display the various already available system temps, including Ambient, CPU, and 2 GPU temps. In adition, I was hoping to be able to display some sort of indicator of drive activity for the 4 drives: 1 RAID 0 stripe, 1 storage HD, and 2 CD-ROMs.

The CD-ROMs are the primary concern, as there is a drive activity light at the front of the machine for the HDs, but putting all 4 on the LCD would be a nice touch IMO.

Is there an easy solution for this? Perhaps a 3rd party software that can be used to display simple HD and CD-ROM activity?

As far as LCDs go, I am currently looking at a 4-line unit to cover all I want displayed, and obviously have little need for a keypad. I would prefer an internal USB solution for the wireing simplicity, and the touch of looking directly at the board behind the display will match the rest of the view through the glass nicely.

Any reccomendations would be most helpful!

A quick note: Does there exist a version of the 634 with 635 LEDs? Or a 635 that does not include a keypad? Those 4 LEDs might prove to be quickest solution.
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You could use a CFA-635 and just remove the keypad. Cover the area with some black tape and it would look fine.

There is not a CFA-634 that has LEDs.

The activity question is pretty much a software question, so I moved this thread to the CC2 forum.


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CF Tech said:
The activity question is pretty much a software question, so I moved this thread to the CC2 forum.
Well, with that in mind... is there a softwaresolution to displaying all the above drive "activity" on an LCD?


I know you can do HD activity on the LED's. I've done it. Not sure about CD-ROMs.

CCadmin should be able to answer that. He is in the midst of a move right now, so it might be awhile to get an answer from him.