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Bbc News Rerr0


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I have been looking at trying to write my own feed to link onto screens. I have been using the BBC news examples but found out last night that the originals do not work for me anymore. I have not changed the original files and I just keep getting the BBC header with RERR0 where the news items should be and after a few seconds the last 3 lines become RERR1.:( Is there any way to fix this?When I use the sample CPU usage screens the screens show all of the information. Any help on this topic yould be really apppreciated.
I am using the 634 series and Crystal control 2 christmas version.
I have also tried uninstalling and re-installing the cc2 version again.
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All RSS/XML feeds


I have tried a number of different weather and news feeds for my 634 but I am still getting the RERR1 for any information coming from the XML feed itself. Is there a recent problem with crystal control 2 reading from the sites? Any information on this would be useful.



Sometimes, loading an RSS screen from a screen file gives you errors. Don't know why, but that't the way it is.

What I do (I assume you have the latest version) is to:

1. Load the screen file. See if it works. If it does, you're done.
2. If not, use the RSS GUI editor to edit the offending line. Pick the line that you want from the editor, and you should be good to go.

Perhaps the explanation in 2. seems vaque. It is just best to play with the GUI. Instructions (w/o pixs) are not very useful. You simply have to use it to understand it.

If you try, and fail, let me know. I will try to come up with some pixs of how to do. I'm a little hampered right now cause I am using Vista, and CC2 has some limitations, but I think I can do a set of pix instructions, if you really need them.