Baudrate CFA-631


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I want to control my CFA-631 LCD with a baudrate of 19200 instead of 115200 baud. The module give no response when I send the baudrate command. In the datasheet it is decribed. So normaly it must be possible. Or is it hardcoded that the module can't change the baudrate because the usb driver is only accesible with a baud of 115200?

I have also a CFA-633 LCD and there I can work with both baudrate. But here is no usb driver, it is a rs232 driver

Somebody with a solution?

Kind regards
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CF Tech

Please let me know the version of the display (it will show on the boot screen or by using command 1).

The version 1.x only support 115,200.

The version 2.x support both baud rates under software control..

We could convert the 1.x hardware to be permanently at 19,200 but it would require us flashing firmware on it here.