Automotive ECM IO Display and ETC


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tried searching and didnt find much...
i am trying to figure out, or get guidance on using a screen to display boost, rpm, speed, timing,knock,egt, wide band air fuel ratio, various temperatures, and etc on one screen. and then another screen have winamp, and on another perhaps a screen saver. all done on a CFAG320240CFMIT

would this be difficult.
oh, and the different screens would be toggled with say this:

but only using the controls not the small narrow screen.
very custom i know, but easily done?
also, this would need to be interfaced with a computer that stores the mp3's.

also, if the ecm displays could be logged at the push of a button that would be awesome.

i know i am looking to take the cake and eat it too...
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CF Mark

You wont be able to get your ECU software to display information on that LCD.
Winamp you can though.

You might be better off buying a car LCD TV (style that gets installed on the back of front seats), and then using a TV out video card in your PC.