Auto Single DIN LCD Kit


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How about an auto single DIN kit like the 5.25" bay kits, for those of use working on carputers/mp3 units? Has anyone else expressed interest in something like that?

The ideal Auto Single DIN kit would have an LCD with black border that was 180mmx50mm; with as many rows/columns as could fit.

In the mean time....

I was thinking of using a CFAH4004A-YYB-JP (40x4 Positive Transflective Yellow-Green LED Array Backlit LCD) . Which I think I can fit by recessing it a little. I'm trying to get as much display space as possible. I am planning to use a small IR remote instead of buttons.
Although, the CFA635-TMF 20x4 is so appealing I've thought of giving up the extra characters.
I also wish the 4004A (40x4) came in other colors.

I'm planning on displaying things like Date/Time, Outside Temp, Cellphone Caller Id, MP3 Info, Internet Connection Indicator & RSS Headlines.
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