ATX Power Supply Control Cable for 633

CF Tech

The Crystalfontz CFA-633 has always had the ability to control the power supply on an "ATX" style PC motherboard + power supply combination. The WRPWRY14

now makes it easier than ever::
  • Connect the WRPWRY14's "POWER" wire to the motherboard's power control pin.
  • Connect the WRPWRY14's "RESET" wire to the motherboard's reset pin.
  • Plug the WRPWRY14's "WOL" connector on the WRPWRY14 into the motherboard's "WOL" (Wake On Lan) connector.
  • Plug the 7-pin connector of the WRPWRY14 onto the 633's mating header (we will pre-install the header to the 633 if you order the 633 and the WRPWRY14 at the same time).
  • Configure the 633 to enable the ATX power control functions.
Now your PC can be turned on, turned off, and reset through the keypad on the 633. This can save valuable panel space in space-constrained applications (1U internet appliances or communications appliances, for example), or give your custom PC a clean appearance unbroken by reset and power switches.
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