Athlon 64, XP x64 Full and LCD modules


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Just this second, on 6.6.6, installed a full trial (180 day version) of XP x64 on my Athlon 64 computer. Running with the dedicated R2154_64 beta 64 bit driver supplied by CrystalFontz, utilising the cc2setup-20060325.

Only a 631 module installed with internal USB connection, with three current screens as follows.....

Cpu Usage bargraph
CrystalFontz Logo

Working perfect and installation easy as pie! Buy it from CrystalFontz, you know ya get looked after...... Thanks guys.

634 and 635 to be added and tested with same three screens shortly. News to be added here. Still lots of drivers to be found/added for other items yet, but I expect to add screens and test in the fullness of time. Again, all results posted here.

This experiment/results is for my own use and the benefit of CrystalFontz forum members. Full equipment details to follow, for anyone wishing to follow in my footsteps.

This was done on 6.6.6, not a good date to try it on, wonder if Linux on A64 should be done on Friday 13th, lol

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Now added 634 and 635 modules on external USB connections. Matching 3 screens as above on each, all tested and working. I will be adding more screens to all three later, not even looked at XP 64 yet, lol!!!

Full updates to be posted, going to try email screens, weather etc and a few more in time. Got the LEDs to set up on the 635, details will be posted. Looking green for go so far...... watch this space.

The whole CrystalFontz setup was far less traumatic (easy.....thanks to CrystalFontz supplying the 64 bit driver) than the rest of the OS setup and driver hunt-though that wasn`t as bad as it could have been with some forward planning.