api for 633, software interaction (pls!!)


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Hi all, I wonder if there is a java api or driver for 633.
I am pretty new in that subject,
and I wonder how can I interact my software that is written in Java with the 633?
For instance what are the steps that I should do to write simple "Hello World" to the Led Screen
Any help would be appreciated.
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CF Tech

norm's post is all I really know of for Java that is available. I think it will do a "hello world" type thing.

By definition, a packet must have a good CRC, otherwise (since it is not a packet) the CFA-631/CFA-633/CFA-635 will ignore it as random bytes.


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Do you have an api for c?

What is the use of SimLCD, as I understand it is a simulator of LCD that runs as it without any device and any cables, if yes,
I cant not find the "COM1" mnemonic in available resources
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