Any changes between CFA635 v1.0 and v1.1?

Seungchul Han

New member

I have used CFA635 for long time.
I found connection problem in CFA635 v1.1.
So test and our program can't find LCD. Driver is OK.

Previously I have used v1.0.

I can't release products because of this problem.

Thanks in advance.
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Seungchul Han

New member
Doesn't work still.

I saw same problems with CFA635 in this forum.

I think I have to patch firmware.
Can I write firmware at CFA635?

I'm hurry to finish this problem.


CF Tech

Under NDA, we can supply a base firmware source package that can be used as a starting point for products that use the standard CFA-635 hardware combined with custom firmware.

You would need to purchase development tools for the processor.

This is not a trivial undertaking.

If you are interested, you can write and they will open a ticket for you and work through the NDA.

Please note that the USB functionality is completely handled by the FTDI hardware and software, and no amount of firmware change will affect their behavior.
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Seungchul Han

New member
I want to know how to fix this problem.

I have used your products for over 4 years.

Previoulsy there is no problem about connection with lcd.

I tested 10 quantity v1.1 of CFA635 but it is not working.
So I think it is the problem of v1.1 and I read the problem with new version.
I just want to write correct firmware to your lcd.

Tell me how to solve it. That's all.


CF Tech

The firmware is the same between v1.0 and v1.1

The only change is the USB chip.

The v1.1 modules work OK in many systems.

I think the problem must be the USB driver on your system. First, please uninstall the FTDI USB driver as detailed in this post:

Then please try loading our certified drivers available from Microsoft's site (IE only): cfa635

There is support for XP, as well as Vista and 64 bit OS's