And yet another LCD app...


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I'm working on an open source LCD application, FreeLCD (hosted on's Savannah ). Right now, it is only useful to programmers -- it's still in development, you'll have to grab the sources and build it yourself. But maybe some of you might find it interesting to take a look.

FreeLCD takes a layout-based approach. So instead of saying "I want a text field at position (2,2), 6 characters wide", you define rows, columns, widgets, and let the daemon and the drivers sort out the rest. Think of it like writing an HTML page, without knowing (or caring) whether it will be displayed on IE, Mozilla, or Lynx.

Other features that are already implemented are Unicode support (custom chars are uploaded as needed), and hooks for Scheme scripts. There's a page that shows how to write a simple client in Python, with screenshots and photos.

Tell me what you think. And if anyone would like to help me developing this, or write a client, that would be great. :)
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