Analog Temp. Sensors - Can I haz?


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I had looked at CF a couple years ago when I wanted to start doing watercooling on my workstation. One of my hang ups with it was that none of the units support ANALOG thermistors (temperature probes) in addition to the digial DOW sensors.

The DOW sensors are great for accuracy and expandability but their size and packaging limit their functionality in my eyes. I want to be able to use some thin foil temp. probes as close as possible to the center of my heatsinks. Has anyone been able to use an DOW A/D converter with a CC2 plugin to read an analog temperature probe? If someone has done this I am totally sold on a 635 with SCAB.


The DS2760 appears to be the ideal candidate for this type of setup. What kind of pluigins/additional programming would be required to utilize this with the SCAB? Check the attachment at the bottom of page 6 and top of page 7.
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