Alpha Numeric Characters With CFAG12864-YYH-V & Rabiit 3000


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I intend to use the CFAG12864 & Rabbit to display both graphs and "text" messages realted to the performance of an engine.

Has someone already created a "character set", I assume bitmap would be the best? I am looking for large and small fonts.

My plan would be to then append the character bitmaps (matrix) to create the 128 x 64 display matrix.

This new matrix could then be XOR'd with the previous 128x64 display matrix, to identify the changed bits. This should cut down on the number of writes.

Is this the easiest method to create & display text messages on the display? Suggestions?

I am sure someone has created a character set and I just do not want to reinvent the wheel.

Thank you,

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I see that there a 47 views on my message, so I think some people are looking to do the same thing.

The must be a an alpha numeric character set out there.