Adding Everest/WMI/SysTool Data to a CC2 Screen


Adding Everest/WMI/SysTool Data to a CC2 Screen

Writing screens for Everest/WMI/SysTool data is somewhat difficult and rather hardware specific to a particular computer. So...

What follows are instructions for adding Everest data to a CC2 GUI screen. Adding basic WMI or SysTool data is done basically the same way.

Click on the Add New screen button:

Type in your screen name in the Screen Name field:

Highlight the WMI Information item and drag it to a line on the virtual LCD screen:

A new window will open which list all the WMI information available to your computer:

Change the Name Space menu to root\WMI:

Scroll down the Classes list. Find the EVEREST SensorValues item and highlight it:

Highlight the Instances value you want:

And highlight the Properties value you want and click on the OK button:

That value is now displayed on the virtual LCD:

Repeat the above to add additional data. Click on the OK button and restart CC2. You've just created a new screen:

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New member

i know this is kinda an old thread, but i like what i see, i just need more info.

i've tried using MBM, but my mobo is not supported.
I tried using speed fan, and although it detects the sensor chip, i cant really make heads or tails of how to get it to work. i.e. it reports my fan speeds as 135000rpm, lol.

then i found everest, and it is so far, the easiest, most accurate monitoring progam i've used yet. at the moment i have not bought the license yet and am still using the trial version. i would like to buy it, but i want to make sure i can really use it like i want. with this post you've given me hope, lol

however, i followed your instructions, with everest running, and i dont see the everest_sensor class in the root/wmi name space. is there something i need to enable in everest? or is it because i am still using the trial version?

TIA! :eek:


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i tried posting this question last night, but i guees the forum server decided it wasnt needed ; ;

anyway, i followed your instructions, but i dont see "everest_sensors" in the "root/wmi" name space. Is this because i am still using the trial version? i will buy it, but i wanted to be sure it will work with CC2 since MBM is dead and i just cant seem to figure out speedfan. everest is the ONLY program to report all info accurately.


iirc, you have to have the registered version to use this feature. Sorry. :(

FWIW, I am in the habit of using the WMI for as much info as I can grab from it. And Everest is a nice program for use with CC2.