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Adding a switch to the Serial 632


New member
if i put a switch in the serial 632 power line, for manual power on/off, would their be damage to the unit? when it was switched back on would it begin at normal display?
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CF Support

Theoretically, there shouldn't be any problem at all, since a manual switch is no different than turning your power supply on and off if you were to supply 5v to VLCD and VLED simultaneously. I don't forsee a problem with connecting a manual switch, but don't really see a reason to do so unless you're switching the power for the backlight and logic at the same time.

CF Mark

Fractle said:
when it was switched back on would it begin at normal display?
If your using CrystalControl it will show the text as it should, but the contrast and brightness of the LCD will be the power-on defaults.


New member
thanks guys
i just really like switches:rolleyes:...and i wanted a main kill switch for everything that gave off light on my computer.
besides, arent toggles just the coolest?;)
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