..ADC in ATMega128..




It is possible to make ADC(Analog to Digital Convertor) with ATMega128 .. but how can i programe this..??

I am using LCD320240 as output..

I want to display temprature on LCD320240 using ADC in ATMega128..

Give ur idea or advice related to this..

Thank u in advance..
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Using analog inputs for temperature measurement is easy if you use an IC sensor that gives voltage output, such as Analog Devices TMP35 or TMP36 or TMP37. The problem is that the output voltage change is only 10 or 20 mV/°C, so you need a 10-bit A/D or higher to get enough resolution, and you have to be sure that the power does not have any noise.

It might be easier to use hardware that is a digital sensor, which feeds a square wave into a port pin. The hard part here is to program a timer to measure the two parts of the square wave, which have a ratio that is directly proportional to temperature. Some digital types are Maxim/Dallas DS1822, or Analog Devices TMP03 or TMP04.