acoustic touchscreen technology


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I just came across this simple touchscreen technology that works acoustically with piezoelectric sensors.,75-?ballp=1

I think the sensors can be attached directly to the e-ink screen, and so it does not affect display clarity or contrast. Multitouch software is coming soon. Could this replace the CFA910's resistive touchscreen?

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That acoustic touch screen looks interesting. It would be cool if it could use the E Ink glass panel directly.

We may experiment with capacitive touch or another technology on a future release. For right now the resistive is what we have :)


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One of the main promises of this technology is that all surfaces of device can be used as touch input areas. So in principle, the piezo sensors can be attached to the e-ink glass screen. Here is the relevant paragraph from the website:

"Our offer: Sensitive Object sells a software solution, specifies hardware reference designs for the Touch Controller and Touch Panel (including piezo sensors), and provides system integration guidelines."

This means to me that surfaces intended to be used as touch input areas may need to be modified to accept the piezo sensors so they work correctly. But better to get it from the horse's mouth.

But having another layer of glass might be good anyway. Please see the pearl e-ink? thread for a suggestion about this.

On the resistive touchscreen that you have right now: that you have something right now is definitely the rad part of your proposition. Crystalfontz is the antidote to epidemic e-ink vaporware.
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