A question about a (CFAH2004A-RMC-JP)


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Ok I have a few questions I'm a noob at this lcd stuff.. so what do I need to do to hook up this lcd... through serial.. any help would be apprieteted. thanks

Parallel Character LCD 20x4
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I'm not sure if I wired it up right.. but I guess I will find out when it gets here.. I did the rj45/serial layout.. so yea.. any replies so I don't mess up my lcd would be apprieated.

CF Support

We do not offer end-user tech support on the CFAH* series LCDs in PC applications. We will not accept returns on CFAH* LCDs damaged in an attempt to connect them to a PC.

That said, this is a parallel module, the only way to hook it up through serial is to use a backpack of some sort. Otherwise you'll just need to find a schematic to wire it up to your parallel port.