A little problem with my 633 ...


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Just received both my 632 and 633 that I ordered on Sunday. Got here on time and it took me less than half an hour to set up the 632 and got it working without any problem. The 632 is now happily displaying a host of useful system information as I am typing this message ... !!!

I then went on to set up the 633 that I bought as a package (Pkg: CFA633YYBJPE + Beige PC Bracket Kit) in another system. I hooked up the power (via my floppy power connector) and the WR232Y08 RS232 cable to the 633. The power connector is straight forward. The RS232 is a little tricky as the connector is not keyed. I looked at the pin out of the normal serial connector and figured that the red wire is where pin 1 is. I then lined up the pin 1 of both the cable and the connector on the 633 and made the connection.

Powered up the system, the 633 showed the splash screen saying
Crystalfontz 633
HW Ver 1.0 FW Ver 0.6

Everything looked good so far. After Win2k is booted, I ran CrystalControl software and set it up just like I did with the 632 in the other system. However, the 633 just displayed blocks of black tiles on the LCD! I checked the system COM1 port setting (9600, 8 data bit, 1 stop bit, no flow control) and match it to the COM port setting in CrystalControl. Still no go. Same black blocks ... HELP!!! What did I do wrong???
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OK. I tried using the Win Test software instead ... setting the baud rate to 19200 as I did in CC ... AND IT WORKS!! I can send messages to the display using Win Test!!!

But why doesn't CC work for the 633 ???

CF Mark

In CrystalControl, turn down the contrast setting for the 633 down to about 20%.
That should fix it.
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