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MBM does not seem to recognize my current configuration, including an A8-series Asus MB. With some other solutions, I have seen them immediately identify and configure to my system's various on-board sensors, but MBM needs to be set up manually.

Since it is an effectively cancelled program, I was wondering if anyone out there has had any luck with displaying or setting up temps for newer systems?

If it was an all-in-one solution for controlling the LCD as well as detecting, configuring, and displaying the various system temp probes, I'd be most pleased, but I have no reason not to go with a solution the Crystalfontz software can be set to display.
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Because MBM development has ceased, many new motherboards and platforms are not being supported. If the management controllers on your board are supported in MBM you should be able to manually configure them, but if not its basically bad luck. From memory I think they are, but I switched to using speedfan for reasons explained below when I got my A8N board so I didn't spend much time getting MBM working.

CrystalControl2 can directly manage and report on the fans and temperature sensors directly connected to the LCD module or those connected via a SCAB module only. The rest of the support is provided via plugins.

To get motherboard voltages, temps and fan data you need to use another program to acquire the data and then use a CC2 plugin to report the data. Speedfan software is probably the best one to use and it does support your board.

I have CC2/Speedfan solution running on an A8N-E with a 633 LCD module and it works great.


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Just a tiny, albeit odd, secondary question- is there any way to flip the LCD's displayed text? That is, to mount it upsidedown?

Thanks for the Speedfan answer- I'll look into it shrtly... though I dont recall seeing it on the list when I was playing around with CC2 earlier.

Thanks again!