7" touchscreen LCD on the side of my case


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i bought this baby a few weeks ago on ebay.... super quick FEDEX from HK to perth... took 2 days, and have been meaning to mount it to my case. :D

modded my case to fit it on the side, and i must say... its really awsome...

anyways, a picture can say a thousand words, so here they are:

(clickable thumbnails)

Finished product with the grommet installed.


original mount that i took the nut and bolt off

cables that attach to the easy connector on the lcd. (i modded the power cable to a molex. its soldered, just used electrical tape for the moment untill i get some heatshrink and resolder the lot)

spacing between the perspex and LCD using some grip pad to help hold it secure

bolt at the back from the original mount

showing the whole mounting from reverse

same thing, but another angle.
hope that helps clear up any confusing on mounting etc

as a small mod, i found it very useful as i can now have a second monitor for lanning and at home without having to carry another one around.

the monitor cost me $191.50 including $60 for the fedex from the user EONON off ebay, and i would recommend that user for any future sales.

the monitor has the following inputs:
1x VGA input
1x S-Video Input
1x Component Input
1x Left / Right audio input (shared across all video inputs and vga)
1x power plug on cable loom or unit itself.
1x USB connector for touchscreen facility
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Hey cool idea, I have thought about integrating a case and lcd screen before. I did once and it looked like an old tv or something haha. Nice idea though, would be cool if it was embedded in the case too.