636 LCD / WinXP / Paralles


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Trying to get this 636 LCD working. It works beautifully on Win98. I am using a parallel connection through LPT1. WinXP (2600). I have tried LCDrive (Don't support Parallel yet. 2.0 does but I don't have it ;p ), LCDCenter, Smartie, and I think one other one, but I can't remember. If any of you got your 636 or parallel LCD working in XP, would you please let me know how you went about doing it? If I figure out before a post I will let you know. Thanks guys.
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Well, I got it to work. Just had to do a typical reinstall of the Port95nt.exe and the latest lcdcenter. Works like a charm. Here are the steps that I took to get it to work.

1. Install Port95nt.exe
2. Reboot computer
3. Install LCDCenter
4. Shutdown computer
5. Plug in the Parallel LCD (636 in my case)
6. Turn on computer
7. Setup your profile in the Configuration for LCDCenter.
8. Save your configuration.
9. Startup LCDCenter and have fun

Thanks Crystalfontz for getting me addicted to LCDs. I got the kit for a review from Case Etc. Not to shabby of a kit. From the pics I have taken some people are saying it is clearer then their Matrix Orbital. I think I would like to do a larger LCD for another review. Thanks alot everyone.


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I have already posted a couple of things about my LCD under WindowsXP. I decided today to retry it and see if i could get it to work. Everything in your message i had tried except for one thing....... RESTARTING IN BETWEEN INSTALLS!!! DOH!!!!! After i uninstalled all of the programs from previous attempts i did exactly as your message stated and it works awesome after i configured everything. Thnx so much dude your my new hero of the day!