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Ringo Kid

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Anyone who has read my other posts can easily see I like this unit. I do want to mention some things I would like to see incorporated into the kit or made available for purchase.

1. I wish the 5¼" bracket was full length. This would make it much easier to align it in the case. Also, there are many screwless cases where the short bracket is a problem. The cables could be clamped to the longer bracket with a cable tie to act as a strain relief.
2. Include washers with the screws. The kit screws are somewhat small and tend to wander as they are tightened.
3. Make available for purchase a DOW fan out cable to plug into the SCAB DOW header. This would give some nice options for cable routing.

Thanks Santa
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While I can't comment for CrystalFontz on items 1 & 2, I can make an observation on item 3.

A fan-out cable isn't exactly the best idea for the kind of bus DOW uses. DOW was designed to be used as a chain where each device on the bus is further along the same wire, with the physical branches off this line as short as possible to minimize interference from signal bounce. The longer the branch lines, the larger the delay in the signal returning and the greater the possibility of corruption when a device is using the bus.

While a fan-out cable may be possible for very short runs, routing cables around a PC's case with all the electrical noise from the HDD's, PSU, Fans and so on, coupled with signal bounce from long runs down branch lines would really play havoc with the SCAB's DOW controller.

Ringo Kid

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I wondered about 3 myself...

I glanced at the datasheets, but didn't dig into them since I wasn't planning on anything unique or special. I did notice the twisting of the conductors on the WRDOWY17, but assumed it was more for a neatness than noise cancellation benefits. Usually you have two conductors involved with the signal such as RS422 or LVD. Oh well, that's what you get for wishful thinking.

CF Tech

We do have a spreader (either in development or waiting for the web site). Its intended use is to work with cases that use rails. You could write support@crystalfontz.com if a spreader would help.

As far as making the bracket full length, we will probably not do that. The cost of the metal would go way up, and unless we also supported a HDD, it seems like a waste to us.

We intentionally chose the small screws to allow more adjustment when installing the bracket. With the small screws you can position the bracket's face so it is centered nicely between the devices above and below. I do not know if we would make that same choice again, but that is why we made that choice when we did.

Ringo Kid

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I think the small screws are fine and are certainly better than using a flat bladed screwdriver as a pry bar to make things fit well.

I added small flat washers and nothing wandered as I tightened the screws. It just made things a little easier.