635 stops updating with CC2 after 20-45 minutes


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I have been running the new verion for CrystalControl2 for the last week on a new Athlon 64 running XP Pro. After about 20-45 minutes the 653 hangs, but the CC2 toolbar icon still show updates if you hover over it, at that point I can not stop and restart the CC2 service. The only way to get the 635 to respond again is to power off the system and reboot. Then the service starts ok and runs another 20-45 minutes and hangs again. I have reloaded the CC2 software and still the same result. Has anyone else run this version on a Athlon 64 with 32 bit xp pro?

I had been using lcdsmartie the for a few weeks prior to the new version of cc2 and it ran fine but had no control over the contrast and no control over the LEDs, fans or temp on the SCAB! Does anyone know of, or working on, a plugin to control the SCAB in lcdsmartie?

Last nigt I uninstalled CC2 and went back to using LCDSmartie to verify that the hanging was not the 635 or my USB port, again smartie worked fine and did not hang all night.

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We set up an AMD 64 system with W2K and did not see any weirdness.

Do you have the 2154b USB drivers?

I can send you a test utility that just sits and hammers on the LCD, that might help separate possible hardware problems from possible software problems.


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Yes I am using that USB driver. and yes please send the test program and I will run it and report on the results.

I have been running LCDSmartie with a cpu busy, memory and swap file bar graph running for 30 seconds and then switching to another screen and then back to the bar graph. It will run with no problem and does not hang, and runs fine durring game play and regular system use.

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I'll have to get that to you on Monday. I sent myself a reminder, but be sure to bug me if I do not reply on Monday.
Mine hangs with Smartie

You were lucky.

I installed the 2154b drivers, then Crystal Control 2, but found it very difficult to program the screens as I wished. LCD Smartie 5.3 is much more flexible, and you can program the buttons as well [just click on the vertical tab "LCD Buttons", then on "Buttons", then on "Last Key Pressed" and you will find that the 635 buttons are assigned to the keys from E to K. DONT use the Insert button! Go instead to the Actions tab and there you can program them: when equal to 1 (i.e. pressed), you can select an action from the right column.+

You are lucky. In my PC, after some 40 minutes LCD Smartie hangs the same way as yours. The problem is NOT the software, it is the USB Virtual Port driver that hangs: the COM4 vanishes. The solution in my PC is to reboot, then unplug and replug USB, then restart LCD Smartie.

Suggestions welcome.
No, its a Gigabyte 875P mobo with P4 3GHz CPU.
Now it did not hang for 2 hours.
Two differences:
- I enabled ONE physical COM1 serial (635 went to Virtual COM4, I know, they SHOULD be completely independent, also Windows SHOULD not have bugs..)
- I did NOT start Flight Simulator 2004.

Will see what happens tomorrow.