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I have tried in vain to get CrystalControl & CrystalControl2 (& even LCD Smartie) to work with the CFA-635. Has anyone been successful or do I have to wait for an updated version to include this display?
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CF Mark

You need an updated version which is currently being worked on.
It is very close to being released... itll be out by the end of the week.


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Excellent, I just recieved my 635 without realizing that there was no software to power it other than the tester.

The sooner this comes out the better!


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So today is August 30, 2005 and I am a potential buyer. Is the software available for CFA-635? I am particularly interested in displaying Windows XP MCE timers and SpeedFan temperatures.


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Just use LCD smartie...it has a speedfan plugin that works perfectly. Though, you'd have to read about the MCE timers, I don't have a MCE PC at the moment to try it out...


I think that's the proper URL.

CF does have software available for the 635 now, but (I know we're on their forums) I find the smartie application much nicer, less resource intensive, and more feature-full. The only thing it lacks is the LED control...but I haven't looked recently to see if they've updated software and/or plugins to handle it.

Overall, the hardware is wonderful, it's an excellent buy.


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Speedfan, Keypad, Keyboard, Winamp (full keypad control), LEDs, Weather, Personal Text, News Feeds, Logos-static and non-static, Contrast/Brightness control by keypad, to name but a few active ingredients on the 635 controlled by CC2.

Both CC Tech & Admin have pulled out all the stops on this one, Beta testers relentlessly bashing away at it for weeks ;), a new Plugin developer getting his ear bent daily and kept away from his studies, beta testers using notepad to do the work of an editor/program in constructing/releasing new/fresh/upcoming even exciting (Nay, I kid you not) Screens. Relentlessly going back to the drawing board, bending each others ears, working at the most unusual hours-I couldn`t get this excited in my normal job :D

We believe in the products, come on lads don`t sell yourselves short! Try it, play with it, give it a go. We did, and guess what? We`re not gonna give it up to anyone-we`re proud of it all.

Just my 2d (2cents, whatever!) worth......



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Hi everyone, I've only known about these lcd's for a few hours but I'm already sold. I'm deciding over the 635 and 634 (both usb) to use on a breakout box mod I'm planning. I've been trying to make sense of the keypad stuff on the 635 but info on the forums is somewhat scattered (more likely I'm just not finding the noob guide :p ). So my question is, what can you do with the keypad on the 635? is it supported to some degree by CC2 yet? Is there a list of plugins/screens that can be added?

Thanks in advance, I had no idea the community was this active under the website :D



1. Welcome to the forums.

2. 635 vs 634: 634 requires 2 bays, the 635 1. The 635 is a "gapless" display, the 634 is not. The 635 has keys, the 634 does not. The 635 has LED's, the 634 does not. Both displays are 20 x 4.

My first LCD was a 634 ( I also have a 635). I "agonized" between Matrix Orbital and Crystalfontz, but I finally just had to have the large 634 display. If the 635 had been around, there would have been no "agonizing".

My opinion: get the 635. The actual display is fantastic and you get more bang for the buck. You can also add a SCAB module to 635 and not the 634.

3. CC2 fully supports the 635 keypad, computer keyboard, and LED's.

You can program the keypad (and keyboard) to move between screens, turn them on/off, control Winamp, just to name a few.

Go to the User Screen section, for custom screens, information of how to program the keypad, etc.

Specific questions: search the forums and ask your questions. Someone should be able to answer 'em.

4. CC2 currently does not have the GUI screen editor in place, so search the forums for screens and/or ask what you want in a screen. I have recently seen (pix's) of the editor. Hopefully, you (we) will be able to make use of it later this year.

Hope this helps.