635 resets every 5 sec


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635 goes into reset loop after 5 seconds

I have a 635 connected to a power supply using a combo data/power cable. On power up, the boot screen (I assume it's the boot screen) is shown for about 5 seconds, then it goes into a reset loop where I get 2 seconds of boot screen and 2 seconds of blankness. Does it need some kind of init to get control? Power supply issue? Suggestions, please.
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I had that happen before with my cfa-633, then my motherboard went.. something went regarding the four pin power plug. Might be something with the power supply so be careful. I think its an indication that theres a short somewhere when it blinks like that.

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It should come on and stay on.

You might play swaptronics if you have access to another PC, or you can arrange an RMA to send it back, and we can inspect/test/repair/replace as needed. The details of the RMA would have to be hammered out in a ticket, so you would have to write support@crystalfontz.com if you want to take that route.
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