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I was curious as to the best method for creating an underline style cursor with the 635. Right now my app is flashing a solid white square over the character it's currently on, but I'd like to have a solid underline.

The documentation indicates that there's API support for a cursor, but only on the first 2 rows?

I had considered using the 8 writeable characters in memory and dynamically updating them from a font I created, but this seems like a pain and would possibly be slow?

Thanks for your time!
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CF Tech

You should be able to set the cursor to an underscore with "Command 12", and data of "\002".

"Command 11" is able to set the cursor to any position. I will have the data sheet updated to correct the error.
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CF Tech

That is odd. What version is returned by Command 1? I'll look it up and see if it was a bug in that version.