635 module - where is it?


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I'm installing the CC2 software, (have done so) and the only module options are for the 631-634 and a couple of parallel solutions - not the 635! Yet the support doc says 635 on it here in the forum although there is no mention of the 635 in the manual - I don't have brightness/contrast control, and I don't thing the CC2 for the 634 works for the 635..

Please get me out of the dark! Have I missed something obvious (happens..)

Thanks! Bengt.
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Hey - thanks for that - I downloaded what I assumed was the latest - maybe CF should check the links? Or I could have made a mistake on that..

Thanks for the quick response - the system is in the office (being prepped to make an automated webcasting encoder!) so we're pretty excited to figure out how to program this beast, and how to let us control the encoder from the face, report server connectivity to the RealServer etc. etc. If anyone has input about how to program this guy with scripts etc. connected to services, please let me know!

All the best,