634XE Power Surge on Hub Port?


New member
Hi, I just bought a 634XE and I am getting a message about a Power Surge on Hub Port?

Clicking on the message gives additional detail that "a usb device has malfunctioned and exceeded the power limits of its hub port. you should disconnect the device."

Is this a RMA issue?
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CF Tech

The CFA-634-XE is designed to take all it is allowed from the USB (just less than 500ma at 5v).

Is the USB hub powered (has a wall adaptor)? The CFA-634-XE almost certainly will not work with "unpowered" or "self-powered" hubs.

Does the CFA-634-XE work OK when it is plugged directly into a motherboard USB port?


New member
actually I tried both ways.

Originally I tried with the fron USB ports, then tried one of the back USB ports (all from the mobo) with the same message popping up.

Then I installed a powered USB hub getting the same message and having the port shut down.


New member
I just tried rebooting and using a few different ports same result. Windows shuts the ports down as soon as I connect it.

Other devices function on those ports.

Do you guys do cross shipping?


New member
I had a question on shipping the defective unit back, can someone please take a peek on the ticket?
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