634XE external USB not detected - DOA?

Mike Kramer

New member
I just got my external USB 634XE and nothing happens when I plug it in. I'm using WinXP SP1 on a P4/i850EMV2. I've also tried plugging it into a Shuttle XPC/Nforce2, but the New Hardware Wizard does not pop up on either machine. Going through the Add Hardware Wizard manually also does not detect anything. The only possible compatibility problem I can think of is that both machines I've tried it on have USB 2.0 ports and the 634XE is probably USB 1.1, but that shouldn't be a problem, should it?

There is no wiring involved that I could be messing up, so does anyone have troubleshooting suggestions for how to get this thing detected? If windows doesn't ask for the driver the first time I plug it in, I'm sunk... Can I add the virtual COM port driver manually? Any suggestions will be appreciated. Thanks!
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Mike Kramer

New member
Yep, the ports work with a mouse, keyboard or usb thumb-drive plugged in. I'm pretty pissed off about this. I would think that Crystalfontz tests their equipment one last time before shipping it out to customers, but there is no Quality Control sticker or printout with my shipment...

Thanks for the reply; I'm requesting a replacement asap.

CF Tech

:) Those XE's get tested more than anything, the encapsulation is not cheap, and there is no way to repair one once it is encapsulated, so they get tested 3x before encapsulation and 1x or 2x afterwards.

Don't know what happened, send it back, we will figure it out and get it or a new one back to you.