634 v2.3 Detect different device than v2.2?


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We use the USB 634 in one of our products. I've installed several displays and have had no problems loading the drivers. The LCD is always detected as a Crystalfontz CFA634-USB and the 2145b drivers worked fine.
We recently received a couple of new LCD's and when I install them it detects them as "USB <-> Serial". The driver files do not work. It says that the 2145b drivers are not for my hardware. I noticed that the two new units are version 2.3 where all of the other ones were 2.2.
We are using XP embedded so having the hardware change is a real pain (I am doing my testing on a XP Pro machine). Was there a description change in version 2.3? Any idea why the driver doesn't work?

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I'm trying to find my notes on the subject. For some reason the Device ID of the LCD's had changed on those units. I think I edited the .inf driver file and added the new PID. That way Windows would detect it as the right driver for my LCD.
I know I sent more details in the trouble ticket that was created. If I can figure out how to access that I can post more details.


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Well, thank you. I have solved intstalation yesterday, I don't know how but now LCD is working.
But not everything, for exampl I'am not able to run the CPU usage. Do you know how is this possible?
And what is the "ticket" or "trouble ticket"?
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I'm sorry, I do not know anything about using the LCD software. Our programmers use the LCD to display our own messages.
The trouble ticket was created with Crystalfontz support to work on the issue I was having. I'm sorry I do not have any more details on it.