634 v1 dead


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A student of mine(really!) accidentaly dropped a 240VAC line onto a microcontroller circuit that was connected to a 634 v1 display.
This ofcourse, blasted the microcircuit, and also caused the display to start to behave erratically, and finally it got all dead.
I am hoping that it's only the Holtek microcontroller on the backside of the display, that has failed, as this is easy to replace.
How ,or where, do I get the program (hex file I assume) that goes into it?

Anyone tried this before?

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Mmmmm smoke. That is what makes the lab interesting.

We cannot give you the code for the microcontroller, but we can probably help you out.

Handling in a support ticket.
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I'm ordering some new displays tomorrow. - if helping me out means supplying programmed Holtek chips, could theese shipments be combined? (save shipping costs...)