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I just received my 634 with the USB attachment. Do I need to attach a separate plug for the backlighting or does the USB connection power everything?

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No display

I connect it to the usb port and I get no display. WinXP tried to load drivers for the new usb device but found none. Where can I get the drivers for this device. I've installed CrystalControl and LCD Driver but none of them supply an inf to use for installing the device.


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Is th backlight supposed to turn off because on mine whenever it's pluged in the backlight is on (when windows is running)
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Can you please link the parts to order so that I may do this? Here's what I want to be able to do:

I've got an MP3 machine in my room, which I like running at night when I'm sleeping. I dislike having a bright monitor in my room, so I turn it off. Since I stream a lot of music, I usually wanna know who and what artist is playing, incase I like them. An LCD would be a prime example of technology I'd use.

I want to either mount or embed an LCD screen in my wall by my bed, and with a single cable, attach it easily to my computer, about 20 feet away.

Using the USB controller method, I could just get a 25foot USB extension cord somewhere, and use that to provide both the data, and power for the backlight, yes?

Also, in order to do just this, are there any other LCD models I could get in other colors, and with minor soldering, get the same results with?

Are the LCD's easily broken? I might have to build a little protective box with a plexi cover or something.


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All the 634 and 632 serial displays can be had in the USB version. Basically choose any display you want, and then follow the instructions in this thread to specify it as USB.

If you are using the long cord, you might not want to use the ones with the yellow backlight, since they draw a lot of current and the voltage may be too low by the time it gets to the display. Instead one of the white backlit modules (white-on-blue, or dark on white) would be a better choice since their backlights use less current,