634 USB Problem

CF Tech

Sometimes the issue is solved through another method (phone, email ticket etc).

The forum is a good "first line" support, but sometimes issues get completed through other channels.

If you want to start an "official" support ticket, just e-mail the specifics to support(at)crystalfontz(dot)com and they will open an official ticket on the issue.
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sorry to hear your prob. i have the exact same prob. However, the lcd works awesome with my sons computer and I believe tech is correct about the reformat. I haven't done reformat yet but when i do you can bet i will try lcd on mine or just get another one, esp when cc2 comes out.
I believe my error was a result of hooking up the lcd before the drivers and ever since that I would have to completely uninstall all cc software and drivers and unhook 634. The tech told me 6 months ago that maybe some of the cc files are not being completely removed for whatever reason and thats why i cant get 634 to stay working. its no fun unhooking and reinstalling everytime i have to reboot or turn pc off. It sure is cool when it does work. good luck to ya
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