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634 USB Port which one?


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I have my 634 USB connected to my machine and have installed all the appropriate drivers, usb, display software etc, initially it displayed information using the display software (Set Port to Com3 19200) afeter a reboot of the machine i get the logo displayed and then just the flashing cursor....cant display any info from the display software....what port is the correct one for the this model?....

forgot to say that the operating system is win2k sp3
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The easiest thing to do is try try all the comm ports. 1 of them will work. Its usually the one of the ones after comm 3.


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Thanks for the reply i can get it to work if i uninstall the USB software and reinstall works once then after a reboot it will not like any of the ports again?....i have tried uninstalling all the usb drivers and the display software but it still does this?
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You'll want to go into the device manager, and check to see what port the LCD is being assigned. Set the software for that port. You may be having another USB device driver stopping the LCD from being recognized on boot, perhaps your USB printer has a "root hub" that is causing trouble.

I would troubleshoot the USB first and see if the root of the problem lies there. If you can't get it resolved, we can start a support ticket.


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Thanks... i will check Device Mangler...and check for the port assigned...the only devices i have connected on USB are MS mouse/Mircophone/ADSL Modem... no root hub...will check and confirm later here.