634 USB in my car


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Motherboard: Intel D815EEA Socket 370 (PIII) with built-in AC-97 audio and video(w/ AGP 4MB Memory add-on module, more than enough for this project as I won't be playing any 3D games and stuff)
CPU: Celeron 667MHz
RAM: 256MB RAM PC133
Hard Drive: 20GB Maxtor ATA-66
Power Supply: Opus Solutions 150W
Text LCD: Crystalfontz CFA634-YMC-KU 4x20
Remote: Keyspan 17 button Digital Media Remote
Keyboard: 91-Key Mini USB
"Case": sacrificed an old ATX tower case for the mobo backplane, which is mounted to the rear seatback with self tapping sheet metal screws (the seat back is metal.) PSU case is screwed to the seatback and the hard drive mount is a simple piece of angle iron.

Windows XP Pro
Winamp 5.01
Markus Zehnder's LCD Plug-in for Winamp

Future Plans-
VGA LCD: Datalux LMX12R (12.1" 1024x768 Touch Screen) in the glove box and maybe a Lilliput or Xenarc 7" flip out 1 DIN in the spot under the radio.
GPS: Deluo USB GPS receiver
DVD Drive: Storix USB 2.0 ultra-mobile DVD-ROM/CD-RW drive
Wireless LAN: Orinoco Gold USB
Audio: Sound Card with 5.1 optical out, DSP, and 6 channel amp.
Hondata + datalogging w/ digital dash (maybe :) )
upgrade PC components: µATX mobo, p4, bigger hdd, whatever I can afford.

The pics (larger versions can be found here):

In the trunk


back panel

Head unit, IR Remote reciever, and Text LCD Screen

Head Unit and Text LCD at night

Keyspan Digital Media Remote

Keyboard and CD-ROM in the glove box

The now obsolete CD loading mechanism :)

The car:

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CF Mark

Nicely done.

Itll be interesting to see if the sun effects the LCD in that position on hot days.

I also want to do somthing similar, but build a graphic color LCD as the main dash for a car incorperating speedo, rev guage, etc.
Would be a nice project.