*** 634 Text File to LCD!!! ***


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This one is a toy for you all to play with. I found it, got it working and can see the immense uses it could be put to. You have a text file, anything you write in the first four lines will be transported to the 634 module display everytime you save the file.

Basically, you temporarily switch off the 634 by right clicking the task tray icon and selecting 'Stop CrystalControl2'. After unzipping the attachments you will see a File_ to_ LCD.bat file (the one with the cog on it), right click on it and select edit. Down at the bottom of the file will be an area to change your com port, I changed mine from 3-4. Save the file and you`re ready to start.

Doubleclick on the File_ to_ LCD.bat file to start and a DOS window will open, do not 'hit any key' until you are ready to finish. Open the supplied 'showthis' text file and enter text on all four lines-overwriting what is already there. You will now see that on your 634 display. Effectively, for now, you may have to start it twice to get the backlight and brightness going-but it works!

Keep it running for awhile and try changing/saving the text file a few times. It updates the module screen every time. Cool, or what??? :D

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