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negitive LCD with blue font ?

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well not really only for the 634 but i selected it as its the pic i modified ;-)

So, ive been talking to a few of my friends are we think we have come up with a good idea ( at leased as far as looks go).

a negitive LCD with a black background like the CFA634-YMC-KU but with blue text . (ill attach a pic below)

So, what do you guys think ? do you like it ? hate it ?

and Crystalfontz .. would this be techinaly possible ?
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Unfortunately, using a blue backlight behind the typical "STN Negative Blue" yeilds poor contrast. The STN Negative Blue lets blue light through, that is how the displays that have white letters on a blue background work. The letters let all the white through, and the background--which would ideally be black--is instead blue because the LCD "leaks" the blue portion of the white light.

You can use the FSTN positive with some sucess in front of a blue backlight. Then you get dark letters on a blue background--but I do not like it as well as the "white on blue" style.