634 software


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hey folks,

i got bored the other night and wrote a few functions to controll the crystalfontz 634 LCD on my machine, but since a lot of messages on this board were about wanting to do your own stuff, i ported the C functions to a DLL and imported that into VB,

theres two demo programs that more or less do the same thing:

lcd_c.exe and lcd_vb.exe, lcd_vb is notably slower, but thats a limitation of the language, the dll itself is crtsfntz634.dll

source is included for everything, enjoy

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there are only 2 dlls that the vb program uses, the visual basic runtime file (which is installed when visual basic gets installed) and the lcddll (whos name i forget now) the DLL should be either in the same path as the binary, or if your using the visual basic design mode, just throw the DLL into the windows\system directory