634 Serial LCD - Seemed to work fine until i saved EEPROM settings...


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I just got my replacement in from CS on an LCD that i fried. So now ive check all wiring. I've verified +5v on both the led and lcd +5v pads, and have hooked up a serial cable to my serial port. When i bootup i get the CS boot screen...i then launched boot configurator and was able to change what was being displayed. I got the screen to say what i wanted, then pressed the "Store all settings to EEPROM" (did this on the last lcd i had and it worked fine) .. i then did a "test (soft reboot)" and now i just get a flashing block/cursor in the upper left corner.

i reboot again and same thing...i get the CS boot screen (so i know it didnt save to my EEPROM) and then i get the cursor. At this point boot configurator doesnt work anymore either.

i've tried wintest and crystalcontrols too

now..if i switch it over to spi mode (which is the eventual application)..the app runs the lcd fine.

any suggestions on what to do to get my rs232 control back?
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