634 serial lcd mounting ?


New member
im about to get a chieftec workstation case, that only has 4 5.25 bay drives, and the 634 will take up 2 :\

what im wondering for those of you who have one already, is it to big to be mounted in the 3" bay drives where the floppy's usually are, cause i can get a external floppy for cheap. and that would save me the cost of buying external's for my 5" devices

i have a dvd, and a cdburner, harddrive coolers, and a baybus im putting in so im kinda pressed for space to put in the 634

and if is possible to put it in place of my 2 smaller exposed drives, does anyone know a place that sells the mounting bezel's for it.
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Sorry bud BUT this is TO big for that if your getting that case witch i have it has a place to put a fan where the harddrive is so thats one you can get rid of. but as the baybus goes only thing i can say is buy QUIET fans like i did. Zalman did me great.