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634 serial can I use usb?


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Hi I got a crystalfontz 634 blue with white writing, serial display and I got a question, these days I usually use my serial port for my ir remote. So I was asking handy as I am with a soldering iron and stuff, could I make some sort of cable to connect with usb? I know there are four holes on the side and I was wondering if they were for usb?
Let me know
Edit: I did a search and saw some thingy about opening two jumpers to convert a usb back to a serial module, now the question is is the reverse possible? Because I can just use an internal cable then and hardwire it to the module to a header cable and slap it to the MB usb header.
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CF Tech

Unfortunately, we do not sell the components that would be needed to convert a serial LCD to a USB one.

We could do it here for you, you would have to arrange an RMA and some payment for the upgrade.

Otherwise, you could do it with a serial to USB cable like this:


There are many other converters like this available on the web, also.

You would continue to need to supply power to the LCD backlight with the WR232Y02 as you do now with the serial version.


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stupid question since I cannot find my serial to serial cable is that female to female cable wired straight through? because I might just have to make my own :( if just to test my lcd, because it seems like my module is not working :(