634 Not being detected


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Hello, I have a 634 usb, and it isnt being detected by one of my computers. When I plug it in (drivers are installed and everything), windows doesnt prompt me of a new device.

I have a USB keypad, and that works, so I dont know what the problem is

its a jetway 630CF motherboard
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CF Support

I would take the WRUSBY03 cable which was included with your order (I'm assuming you're using the WRUSBY11 cable for an internal connection) and use it to connect the LCD for the initial recognition by Windows, and afterwards use the internal cable.

Try that and let us know how it works out.


New member
OK, will try it.

Alittle off topic, but do you know of any 12v dc powered USB hubs? This is for a car computer, and i dont have the required AC power for these things.
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