634 kit suggestions


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I got my 634 today. So far it's working beautifully. Thanks for making such an awesome product!

Playing with the kit, and writing some initial code to drive the display, I thought of a couple of suggestions that might improve the product even further.

It'd be great if you could provide hexadecimal equivalents for the control codes in your PDF. Quite a few languages (Python being one), use this base for entry of ascii values, so this would speed things up (as opposed to having to manually convert to hex each time).

Another useful idea might be to provide the option for users to purchase an LCD backlight adapter cable that has the same length as their serial cable. In my own particular application, the LCD will be in a car, and is going to be driven via a computer in the trunk (6+ feet behind me).

Thanks again... I hope to have some working code to show off to everyone soon.


Rupert Scammell
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CF Tech

Thanks for the feedback.

It would probably be a good idea to put the hex equivalent strings in the manual. We will keep that in mind when a re-write comes along.

The backlight cable is really just intended for being used inside a computer's case. A cable (especially a power cable) should really have more protection if it is going to be run outside of a case.

Please take a look at this post for a suggested way to cable the display and backlight together on one CAT 5 cable.