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Would it be possible to avoid making holes in my case by using two female-female serial cables, a female-female gender changer, and a PC slot cover--with a serial-port sized hole--removed from a video card?

I'd like to connect the first serial cable from the LCD to the gender changer that's affixed to the slot cover, then connect the second cable from the gender changer to the serial port. Would this work?

I've tried cutting a notch into a spare slot cover using a Dremel tool, but the connecter of the serial cable won't fit through the slot (without damaging force, atleast).... Would it be possible to sever and successfully splice
the serial cable back together in order to fit it through?
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What you describe should work fine.

You would want a male-male gender changer and two female-female cables.
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i was able to fit the cable plug through an expansion slot on the back with some force.. you may have to bend the dividers between the slot in question and the ones above and below a bit to get it through, but they shouldn't break and can be moved back into place. the cord itself of course should not pose a problem once the plug is through. however, your idea would work pretty well, and look a bit more "finished" from the outside (of course, it's hard to make a passthrough cable look that finished, but..)