634 Installation Manual


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Hi, I purchased the CFA634-TFB-KS then I conected to my serial port and it worked perfect but without the backlight.
Then I found out that I need to put 5v to it in order to make it work.

But there's 2 5v inputs I don't want to tested each one because i'm afraid i can damage the display.

So I would like to read some instructions before installing it.

If someone have this information please share it with me.


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CF Support

You connect 5v to Pin 3 (VLED) for the backlight.

Usually we would attach the WR232Y02 cable to it if you ordered it at the same time.


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Backlight power conection

So just to be sure, I have to conect from my pc power supply a
Red (+5v) to (VLED) and the Black (ground) to ground directly without any resistance?
I read something on the forum that a 8 ohm resistance was used in between this cable.
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